Removals Check-list

As removals day draws near, many movers in Edinburgh, especially first time movers, get caught up in the pressure of the moment, leading to costly mistakes, accidents and even things being left behind. At Man with a Van Edinburgh, we’ve come up with a comprehensive checklist that should keep you on the straight and narrow, with practical and (hopefully) helpful tips and advice.

For nearly 15 years now, Man with a Van Edinburgh has been helping out both household and companies in relocating to new homes, and we have come across all sorts of common problems and pitfalls that can crop up during your removal in Edinburgh. As such, we are often asked about the best way in which to proceed, and the best advice we can give is to start early: don’t leave yourself in a situation where you are short on time. Start one room at a time, don’t cut corners and leave nothing out.

Another good tip is to rid of unwanted possessions, or those that you simply have no need for in your new digs. We have found this to be good advice for both households and businesses, who would otherwise overburden their removal in Edinburgh with objects that have long outlived their function. Charity shops, online forums and car boot sales are all great places to hold a clear out prior to your move. In addition, Man with a Van Edinburgh can provide house clearance services where required, and can help you get rid of rubbish and unwanted furniture.

When it comes to packing itself, our team see cases of poor practice all the time, and we believe that following a few simple guidelines can greatly increase the speed of your move whilst still providing protection and insulation to your treasured possessions. Beforehand, you should focus on getting the right amount of boxes and related packaging equipment, including tape, bubble wrap and self-seal bags. Old newspapers can go way towards lining boxes and providing additional padding where necessary.

Many of our clients make the mistake of over-packing boxes, which can be a problem when it comes to weight distribution – not to mention avoiding seeing all of your items in a heap on the floor! As part of your removal in Edinburgh, it is a good idea to leave some space in the top of boxes, as well as packing heavier items in smaller boxes. If you are particularly concerned about a specific item or items, sturdier packing boxes made of corrugated cardboard could be the answer, as these have greater structural strength than regular cardboard.

At Man with a Van Edinburgh, we always emphasise sensible packing, even though this can be more time consuming – it will be worth it, when you avoid the stress that comes with last minute problems and mishaps. Dismantle furniture with care, and make sure to keep any hazardous materials (cleaning products, etc) away from the rest of your stuff during the move. If you do require further advice or need a hand with your removal in Edinburgh, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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